Our Vision

Our Mission

Life is about fulfilling your potential. Our mission through our personal and professional experiences is to support and help families to ensure that each child gets to achieve their own potential.

Our Values

Integrity – We will always behave in an open and transparent manner. Every penny donated to Friends of Liam goes to our causes.

Accountability – All our activities and accounts will be on our website. We take personal responsibility for all of our actions, behaviour and governance.

Honesty – The privacy of all our beneficiaries and stakeholders is respected and protected at all times.

Respect – All children and families deserve respect. Friends of Liam members through experience know the value of respect for children and family.

Idealism -We believe every child should reach their potential and we believe it is possible and achievable.

Commitment – When we commit to a programme to aid a child’s development, we will complete the programme.

Our Vision.

To live in a community and accepts and supports families and children with special needs and those children diagnosed with childhood cancer.